David Quigley


When the nursery rhyme says ‘Saturday’s child works hard for a living, perhaps I should not be at all surprised, being born on a Saturday, that I might have found making a living, quite hard at times.

But, being someone who likes to dream and invent, an idiosyncrasy I may subscribe to, as it seems to suit me rather well, is that of ‘Rimms Rossen’ in the early 1940’s American drama ‘Saturday’s Children’, who, if I’m honest, sounds a lot like me..

Whatever analogy I choose to describe my life, you may read about the things that have convoluted it … the things I have done, that have brought and continue to bring, great fulfilment to me, and of course, my most recent achievement – my first published book; ‘Beyond The Aterno’ by clicking on the subsequent links.