Like the flow of any river suggests movement, I wrote ‘Beyond The Aterno’ to show what an adventurous journey my mother’s life has been.

Beyond The Aterno book cover 

Vividly recollecting names, dates and places as if the earliest events in her life had just happened, I painstakingly wrote them down. Then, only a year after the two years it took me to complete, it’s amazingly being published!


Addis and DavidI chose the title ‘Beyond The Aterno’ because of the river ‘Aterno’, having its source high up in the Apennines.

This river feeds several of the Abruzzo communes along its course and it appropriately segregates my mother’s early childhood from the life she found beyond it.


I hope you will enjoy reading the book – my first attempt at writing any sort of book and that I may have the opportunity to write another before too long.

It is available from the publishers (Olympia), Amazon, or any good book shop.