I have specialised in large machine tools and equipment used in the sectors of power generation, steel making and engineering for almost thirty years.

I have bought, disassembled and shipped these machines from a great many countries to several world destinations and recently designed and manufactured the world’s first 3-column vertical lathe sold under the ‘Karussell®’ brand.

In a lot of European countries, these machines are generally known as ‘Karussell lathes’ or ‘Karussell machines’ and I was able to register ‘Karussell®’ as a U.K. trade mark for that reason.


A 3400mm swing x 2000mm U.K. Manufactured Karussell® Vertical Lathe equipped with a Siemens Computer Numerical Control

From original concept, thru to manufacturing some of its main sub assemblies, + a completed unit being exported to a Far East engineering works to be installed and commissioned by our technical team.